What is BlueDoc?

BlueDoc is a document management platform that supports enterprise privatization deployments. We organize documents through a GitHub-like organization. We believe that documents are not just about writing and reading, but more about organizing documents in a company or team to form a normative document platform.

#What can BlueDoc bring to you and your business?

  • More standardized document organization;
  • Unified platform;
  • Any new employee can find all public documents here;
  • Manage confidential content in a private, secure manner;
  • Many people are involved in maintaining a large document project;

#What scenario does BlueDoc apply to?

  • Project requirements documents, design documents;
  • Technical solutions, architectural solutions, implementation of design and maintenance;
  • Training, tutorial materials;
  • Internal knowledge sharing (single and multiple scenes);
  • The preparation and organization of internal and external programmes;
  • Articles of association and system documents;